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Donating a car to charity is one way to support a charity you believe in. If you have a tool that you no longer want, the charity of your choice may benefit from that tool and your donation will help others.

If you wish to donate a vehicle in Silver Spring, MD, you must follow the guidelines set forth by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MMVA). These are some of the things you should know.

3 things you should know before donating a car

1. The charity of your choice must be in a position to receive the vehicle

Not all charities receive car donations. Unlike money and other types of donations, car donations require that the organization have the time, staff, and resources to manage such donations. Many small charities ask for donations but don't have the resources to receive them. If you decide to donate a car, you must check with them.

The charity you choose will be happy to answer any questions regarding donation policies. Many small charities generally recommend that if you want to donate to them, the easiest way is to sell the car and donate the money to charity.

2. You can claim a discount

When you donate a vehicle to a charity, they will send you a letter confirming that they have received your donation. To deduct the value of the donation on your annual 1040 tax form, the charity you choose must be registered as a charity with the IRS.

How much you can deduct depends on the fair market value of the car you're donating. Kelley can determine the value of the car by checking its Blue Book value and considering what action to take on the car. For example, if your car is worth $1,500 and you need $200 for repairs, your car's market value will be $1,300.

3. The process is similar to selling a car

When you donate a car, you must complete many of the same documents you wanted to sell it. You will need proof of sale (Form VR-181); Only the value of the car should be filled in as a "donation". The title deed must be filled out. If you fill out the section as a seller, the charity fills out the form as a buyer.

You may also need to fill out additional IRS forms if the vehicle value is between $500 and $5,000 or more than $5,000. These forms are the evidence to back up your discount value.

An auto donation can help a veteran in need

Veterans Vehicles is proud to offer a simple alternative to selling or trading in your unwanted vehicle. Tools for Veterans supports programs that assist veterans with disabilities and other veteran programs.

Donate your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, RV, or boat to the Automotive Charity Donation Program today. Our vehicle donation process is quick and easy and will also save you the hassle of selling your vehicle. We do all the work for you!

Helping veterans return home

Veterans and their families can enjoy all the benefits that Veterans of America have to offer. There are programs and services available to veterans of America. Helping everyone is a challenge, but this is a problem you can help solve.

Why should I donate my car for Humanity Metro Maryland?

  • All net proceeds from the sale of the vehicle you donate through Habitat Maryland's car donation program will help local families here in our community.

  • You may qualify for a tax deduction for donating a car.

  • It's fast and easy.

  • Pulling an old, inefficient car off the road helps save gas and improve air quality.

How do I donate my car in Maryland?

You can donate your car in 3 steps:

  • Start your donation online by going to our donation wizard or call our helpline: 1-877-277-4344

  • Our team will ask you to provide information such as the vehicle's make, model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and current mileage.

  • If your car is accepted, you can schedule when to pick up the car.

What documents do I need to donate my car in Maryland?

Maryland requires a deed for your car donation.

To complete your vehicle donation to Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, you will need to fill in your vehicle address accordingly:

1) In the Recipient/Recipient field, enter the name of the agency named ADVANCED REMARKETING SERVICES that processes our auto donations.

2) Print your name in the Seller field just as it appears at the top of the title.

What type of car can I donate in Maryland?

  • Boat
  • Truck
  • Cars
  • RV
  • Motorcycle
  • Construction or agricultural equipment
  • Any other tool
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